A short history

Those new to the club and a number of the newer members may not be aware of the club history and its origins.

It is, therefore, appropriate in the Diamond Jubilee year that I provide some brief details. The club was founded in its current form in 1919 from the amalgamation of the Scottish Marine Motor Club and the Clyde Motor Club to form the Scottish Motor Yacht Club which had been in existence in the early 1900s.

Lord Inverclyde was the first Honorary Commodore and it is interesting to note his boat, named Beryl, was a 472 ton Steam Yacht. The Royal warrant was granted to the Club in 1920 in recognition of the services provided by members and their boats during the war.

The crown was added to the Club burgee and in addition members were allowed to fly the Blue Ensign having completed the necessary paperwork.  The early years saw the members participating in many events including races under handicap.  I’m not sure how that would work these days with fast planing hulls, not to mention the high fuel burn at top speed. I note from comments that one of the races was through the Kyles. I don’t think we could do that today.